Friday, February 20, 2009

Crib crisis for local low-income moms and their babies


Mothers having to put their babies in laundry baskets to sleep - that is
what one local agency told us they have to advise these days. They and many
other agencies just can not find the cribs they need. But we know there are
enough gently used cribs in good condition in our homes, and I am hoping you
can help us to get them in the hands of these young moms.

I apologize for sending a second listserv email in February, but we have
received more than a half dozen calls in the last week from agencies that
can no longer find or provide basic need/essential items for young mothers
and their babies. Fortunately we have been able to respond with cribs,
changing tables, strollers, etc. We will continue to respond with the
grassroots, volunteer-led system we have in place for other furniture and
home goods, and we are creating partnerships with some of the agencies that
have called so we can work together to ensure their clients get what they

In expectation of this trend continuing, I am hoping you can spread the word
about the significant need for cribs and other baby items. We will also be
distributing flyers at local schools and day care centers so if you know of
places to send these flyers, please let us know. Cribs and all baby items
can be dropped off at our Center for Community Service in Silver Spring
(9159-C Brookville Road, SS MD 20910) or folks can call us to schedule a
pick-up of items that can not be dropped off.

Please email or call with any ideas or questions as we respond with the
energy our most vulnerable neighbors need!


Mark Bergel, Ph.D.
Executive Director, A Wider Circle
o: 301.608.3504; c: 301.675.7511

Proud to be named one of the Greater Washington region¹s finest small
charities by the Catalogue For Philanthropy

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